The head office of Attorney of Milan is on the road from October 2009.



Gli avvocati volontari ricevono:
– every Wednesday from 14 to 16 Ark Project at the Foundation Onlus, Via San Giovanni in the Straw 7, Milan.
– every Thursday from 14 to 16 at the Centro San Fedele, in Piazza San Fedele 4, Milan. Chiuso in luglio e agosto.
– il terzo giovedì di ogni mese, from 19.30 to 21, presso la Casa di Accoglienza Enzo Jannacci, viale Ortles 69, Milan


Secretariat: Simona Gennaro
Coordinators: Mr.. Elena Rossi e Avv. Anna Spadoni


Avvocato di strada Milano c/o Arca

Avvocato di strada c/o San Fedele

Casa Accoglienza Enzo Jannacci


Tutti gli articoli su Avvocato di strada Milano

National Civil Service Project,,it,"Volunteers of law",,it 2017/2018 “Volontari del diritto”

The draft of street Attorney National Civil Service "of the right Volunteers" for the year,,it,The project provides for the possibility for,,it,young people to do their Civil Service at the offices of Bologna,,it,Thursday,,it,H.14 Sala Ricci,,es,Centro San Fedele Piazza San Fedele,,it,Milan CONFERENCE,,it,Participant registration Wave Organizers Center San Fedele and Street Lawyer • Lawyer,,it,Maria Grazia Bosco Right of defense The Order and admission to ..,,it,The Association of Road Lawyer presents its ..,,it, street lawyer,,it,SCN,,en 2017/2018 was approved.

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25.05.17 Milan: “Immigration: D as rights,,it,"At the start the project EDUC,,it”

IMMIGRAZIONE: Q HOW RIGHTS,,it,WORK,,it,PERMITS,,it,SALUTE,,en,MINORS,,it,A joint initiative of the Association of Road Lawyer Onlus Our headquarters in Milan and Cultural Association of San Fedele,,it,April in Florence,,it,Right to residence of homeless people,,it,A step for social inclusion,,it,Let's talk together,,it: LAVORO, PERMESSI, SALUTE, MINORI. Iniziativa promossa da Associazione Avvocato di strada Onlus Sede operativa di Milano e Associazione Culturale San Fedele

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In Milan back the Night homeless 2016

Saturday 15 October in Piazza Santo Stefano in Milan back NIGHT OF HOMELESS that, for the seventeenth consecutive year, invites citizens and institutions in square, to bring attention to the problem of social exclusion and homelessness and to share, at least for a night, TV and sleeping bag.

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02.10.16 Milan, Garibaldi Kult

Sunday 2 October, the volunteers of street Lawyer Milan will participate in the Festival "Garibaldi Kult", a rich street party games, meetings, exhibitions and shows. Our association will be present with an information desk and give life to the initiative ...

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Reduced dying, Judge triples compensation

They wanted to steal 50 Euros and had reduced dying our assisted. Our appeal has been upheld and compensation has been tripled: from 25 thousand to 70 thousand euro passes. A big thank you to lawyer. Lorenzo Nicolò Meazza e a tutti i nostri volontari milanesi!

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